Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teddy bears and sunglasses


Nancy Gallin said...

This is such a wonderful journal, Laurie! As well as I thought I knew you, I am getting to know you so much more by reading your account, which makes me feel almost as if I were there! And...watching (virtually for now) you flower as a mommy is very, very moving (YES, Laurie, I can hear you groaning and protesting), seeing the look on your face as you gaze down at your sleeping daughter who has fallen asleep wearing her sunglasses - it's all PERFECT! I think you have been waiting for half a lifetime to feed the fish and put her hand in the water, and Susanna has been waiting for her whole lifetime for you! Can you tell how really, REALLY into this I am? And that pink bear in the stroller with her is perfect, the cuddling with the bunny or whatever it is - I can just look at these pictures forever, but I guess I have to get to work. Lots of love to you both,

kate_david_angell said...

Hi Laurie,
I have loved reading your blogs and learning about your incredible journey over the past couple of weeks - and susanna is adorable!! Really loved the picture of Susanna in her cool sunglasses - she clearly has her mother's sense of style!! Seriously, though, glad to hear all is going well - you two look as though you've been together always. Can't wait to meet her in person. Enjoy every moment, LG - talk to you soon,

zusje said...

Susie looks great with her pink outfit and pink teddy and sunglasses. Yasmin saw the pictures and made it clear she wanted a pink bear too ;-))

Enjoy your time together.