Sunday, November 2, 2008

Four Days and Counting-----

Last week saw a wonderful farewell party, hosted by Emily, and an extraordinary surprise by my colleagues at work. Susanna received some terrific gift certificates by the faculty and the PA, as well as a membership to the Children's Museum. Finally, the Lower School Boys created a book of advice on how to be a good mommy to a little girl- and really, who else to guide me but boys aged 6-10? It really is priceless, and will be such a memento. Some of my favorites pieces of advice range from "Do not feed your baby French Fries" to " Teach her to speak English and then get her a room!"
And now, it's almost time to pack!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!

Laurie said...

Thanks, Aaron!

3peas1pod said...

Enjoy your trip! Make memories for a lifetime! I am looking forward to following your journey.
Mom to Emma Rose, Olivia and Celia

zusje said...

Hi Laurie,

We will of course follow your travel!! We are looking forward to the story's and pictures. I hope Susanna settels in easy. We wish you strength, energy and LOTS of hapiness.
Greetings from Susanna's orphanage friend Yasmin Shao Yin.
(and her parents of course ;-)
Ernst, Jinke, Yasmin, Marlies Venema

Adair said...

So exciting LAG-not sure of the time change but it is the 9th here-I BELIEVE you were picking up Susanna on the 10th so you may have already gotten to squeeze your beautiful daughter. Hope you have a big box of tissues ready-life will never be the same again (and the good news is it only gets better and better).
Much love to you both!