Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The next 17 days - Key moments

Nov 6 Leave for airport at 8:15a (EST)
Plane Leaves for Beijing 12:15pm (EST)

Nov 7th
Arrive in Beijing 3:00 PM (12 hours ahead of EST)

Nov 8th Tour Beijing

Nov 9th Fly to Guangzhou 7:40 am (Beijing time)

Nov 10th Meet Susanna at Civil Affairs Office 3:30 pm ( 3:30 am EST)

Nov 11th Deal with Adoption registration 10:00 am (Beijing Time)

Nov 17th Get her passport 3:30 pm (Beijing Time)

Nov 18th Get Visa picture and do medical exams 10:00 am (Beijing Time)

Nov 19th Go to American Consulate; hand in all documents

Nov 20th American Consulate Interview 3:00 am (Beijing Time)

Nov 21st Flight from Guangzhou to Honk Kong 8:20 am (Beijing Time)
11:25 Plane leaves for Newark (Beijing Time)
1:50 PM (EST)- As the Wheels touch down , Miss Susanna Sidou Gruhn becomes an American Citizen and....we are home!

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CLG said...

Aunt Cathy is very excited and so happy for you....