Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Note or Two from "Auntie Nan" !!!

     As a very lucky witness to this amazing journey, it seems fitting that I add a note or two to all of Laurie's wonderful entries. It has been an experience of a lifetime and I feel so fortunate to have been along for the ride. Susanna is one lucky little girl to have such a marvelous Mom. And, in true "Auntie" form, I have to say that Laurie has herself one gorgeous, smart, sweet, and enchanting daughter. I have found it hard to take my eyes off her. So, New York, be on your toes 'cause here comes Susanna! 
     Laurie has already uploaded some of the shots of Susanna that seem to capture her well. I am going to upload some additional shots of Guangzhou so that you all might get a sense of the city. It is a city of contrasts. It has made me want to revisit China and see more of it sometime. If I do return, however, that experience can never come close to this one. It has really been something!
     The photos include the lobby of our hotel (with waterfall!), a night shot from the Pearl River cruise, Shamian Island where our hotel is located (itself an interesting mix of 19C. colonial European architecture), shots from around Guangzhou including a visit to the amazing Qingping market, a large pedestrian shopping mall, and - Browning boys take note - some local high school boys in jackets and ties! 

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