Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shopping and passports

First of all, as some of you have seen, I posted the videos to the blog- and nothing happened. The bad news is that means my friend, Hamilton, is right after all- and I need to re-think how I do it it. I do not like it when Hamilton is right. Ever. The good news is that a 12 year old boy on our trip can help me- so hopefully soon. I know a video is only as good as it's availability to be seen- be patient!
Susanna slept through the night again. Actually, she sleeps like a log and will eat whatever is put in front of her. She can't get enough.
The orphanage said she was toilet trained- well, OK, if they say so, But in my opinion- not so much! Ah well- all in good time. They clearly thought she was. When I undressed her our first night together, she had on pants, shirt, jacket- and socks and sneakers. No diaper, no underwear!
Today, some major shopping needed to take place, as I had to get her some clothes that fit-and well- maybe a little something else. The pictures tell it all.
Susie remains the saddest little girl in the world. as well as one of the sweetest. On a bus today, surrounded by screaming babies, she sat quietly by my sides, as she did for almost an hour at the passport registry place. (needed to get her registered for her Chinese passport so she can come home!) But she becomes terrified if I go out of the room, and she wails as if her world is ending. At other times, her eyes just fill up with silent tears and she holds on to me for dear life, refusing to let go. It is all very obvious as to why this is happening ,if you know her rather unique history. Time will help her. She is always willing to be comforted, and is often in need of it.
One final note. I was in China 28 years ago. China had just opened to the West-and wherever we went- we were stared at. It was a combination of curiosity and bewilderment. Yesterday, I noticed many passengers on a public bus staring at our group as we got on our bus with our children. The stares were different this time. Curiosity, confusion, recognition, and an embarrassment. They were looking at the children. Enough said.

PS: OK, I am in one foul mood right now, I cannot work with the Flip video program,and now, I am,for some reason, unable to upload pictures to Blogger. I will try again later. I apologise for this. It will be corrected shortly or in the morning.


Adair said...

Love hearing of your adventures. Have you tried music? We do a lot of Jack Johnson around here-seems to chill Annabelle out when she is feeling fussy.
Might be worth a try to help soothe her-see, unsolicited advice already-xo

Written By Mary said...

So glad to know things are going well. I'm sure time is the answer. Susanna I'm sure just doesn't understand what's going on. How scary it must be for her. She really must be a peanut. Hope the shopping was successful. :) Enjoy your day.