Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Video(s) -- Maybe??

Try this: copy this link, and view them in ASCENDING order... Let me know if THIS works!


zusje said...

Not a maybe..This works perfect!!!
Thank you for sharing this. Yasmin looked the video's together with me. I asked her; "Who do you know"? and YES she points to Susie and says "girl-friend". She hardly reacted on the nanny's..
Susie looks scared. This is a life changing moment and she knows/feels it for sure! I hope she is slowly is feeling a bit better. Yasmin felt awfull for the first week..then she finally felt a bit better and we had to fly to Beiijng for papaerwork. It started all over again. Poor thing..But here we are 9 months further and she is doing great and looking at your video seeing her friend getting a forever-mother!
Thanks for the effort to get the video's out there ;-)


Anonymous said...

Great Videos!!! Thank you for allowing us to share in your joy. I can't wait for both of you to return home! Susie seems a fan of stuffed animals, get ready, Laurie, Love , Maureen

modelmuse said...

wow Laurie that looks like a zoo the poor little thing looks overwhelmed!
You have amazing stamina and will be rewarded with the cutest little girl... I'm SO HAPPY for you I must come in and see you twop next month!!