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December 2005-
-Decide to adopt (after thinking about it for five years)
January 2006-
-Research domestic and international options
-Decide on International
-Look at four countries: Vietnam, Guatemala, China, Kazakhstan
February 2006
-Research Agencies for the above countries
February 6th, 2006
-Apply to several agencies
February 10th, 2006
-Hear from all agencies- no openings for single applicants- one has an opening from Vietnam
February 11, 2006
-Great Wall China Adoption Agency has an opening for China
February 14th, 2006
-Send in formal application to GWCA
-Begin Homestudy Process
Late February, 2006
-Initial fingerprinting
-First Homestudy visit -Begin paperwork process
March 2006
-Continue paperwork, including medical reports, financial reports, recommendations, affidavits, and countless forms
-Second Homestudy Visit
April 2006
-Third and Fourth Homestudy visits
-Homestudy Complete!
May 2006
- Send in I-600 (petition to adopt an orphan) to US Government
-Receive Fingerprinting appt.
-Get fingerprinted
June 2006
Receive I 171 (petition to classify an orphan as an immediate relative)
-Take pictures for Dossier
-Send in full dossier to GWCA
-GWCA reviews dossier and approves it
July 7th, 2006
-DTC! (Dossier to China!)
July 14th, 2006
-LID! (Log in Date!)
I am told it will be about one year..... the wait begins!
May, 2007
-Apply for the Waiting Child Program in addition to waiting for an infant...
July 2007
-I am told it will be about 18 months..... I am 12 months in.
September, 11, 2007
-Receive a possible referral from GWCA
October 11, 2007
-After much consideration and heartbreak, return the referral
December 2007
-Homestudy and paperwork expires- begin renewal process
January, 2008
-Renew all paperwork and fingerprinting process from 18 months earlier
-The wait is now over 2 years. I am 18 months in.
February 2008
-Receive new I 171
February- July, 2008
-Wait and wait and wait and wait.. The timeline is now extending to over 2 and half years. I am not even two years in.......
July 13, 2008
-Receive another referral (1 day short of my 2 year anniversary)
July 14, 2008
-Take papers to two pediatricians; receive conflicting information.
July 15, 2008
-Accept Referral of Gao Si Dou, a three year old little girl with two small medical needs.
- Send in LOI (Letter of Acceptance)
July, 2008
- work on a name, end up rejecting a list of 20 names that I had been considering for 2 years!
- Susanna Sidou Gruhn is named. (After a brave, funny, practical, and very resilient cousin)
July 28, 2008
- Receive PA! (Pre-Approval)
July 31, 2008
-Receive LOA! (Letter of Acceptance from China)
-receive updated information and more pictures
August 11, 2008
-Send in LOA (Delayed as I was on vacation)
- Decorate and set up Susanna's room
August 28
-Receive Travel Approval!
September 2008
-Receive itineraries, countless forms to be notarized, packing lists, etc
- Get tickets and visas
October 2008
-Our travel group grows from 3 families to 12! There are 12 children coming home, ranging in age from 10 months to 7 years. There are 8 additional children traveling with these families, ranging from 4 years to 16 years.
- Shop, shop, shop!
- Collect finances and forms needed to go to China
Review and review again forms needed!
October 18, 2008
-Sue Wareck, the cousin Susanna was named for, dies after a brave and valiant battle with bone cancer
Oct0ber 27, 2008
-Emily Boland hosts Bon Voyage Shower for 25 friends and colleagues!

Welcome to my journey!

Hello Everybody,
As I get ready for what will certainly be the trip of a lifetime, I invite you to join me. This blog will be a short one, lasting really just as long as my journey, to China and back. Its purpose will be to allow those who wish to, to travel to China with me. And most importantly, to meet Susanna and travel back with us!