Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Guide, the UNSTOPPABLE Veronica

Who does everything and anything for us, including and not limited to trying to fish out a pair of eyeglasses FROM a lake when a dad dropped them and then taking him to get a new prescription when i the glasses were obviouslyy gone for good!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie and Susanna,
I have loved keeping up with your blog. I have printed out a few of the pictures and have shown them to the "big" boys in the Library. They were excited to see Susie in a Yankees shirt!
We have a book in the LS Library entitled I Lost My Tooth in Africa--did you know that there you put your baby tooth under a gourd and you get a chicken from the African Tooth Fairy. Could you ask your guide what the custom is in China?
I just can't wait to meet Susie in person!
Susan Levine