Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Before we know it----

Dear Browning Boys,
It is hard to believe it is just a little over two days and we will be on our way home. It makes me a little sad to think of Susanna leaving the place where she was born and where her history is, but I am also excited for her to come to America and New York City. I will be very busy following all of your good advice!
Now- more challenges:

1)When we leave Guangzhou, we will take a quick 40 minute flight to Hong Kong. Can you find Hong Kong and see how close it is to Mainland China? We will leave for Hong Kong around 7:30 Thursday evening, your time.

2) Next, we will take a 15 hour flight from Hong Kong to Newark. We will leave around 10:00 at night on Thursday, NYC time. Do you recall the odd way I traveled to get from NYC to China? Looking at a map, what way do you THINK we will travel to get home? What US state will we go over first?

3) Do you think we will spend more time over the Pacific Ocean or more time traveling across the country? Can you figure out how many miles there are from China to NYC? Does that help? What do you need to do to figure this out?

4) We will arrive in NYC around 2:00 on Friday afternoon. If NYC is 13 hours behind China, what time is it in China when we land?


Ms G

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