Sunday, November 16, 2008

How could I forget the Great Wall??!!!

Dear Browning Boys: Several of you asked for pictures- how could I forget?

Here are some questions for you. I do not know the answers, but perhaps you can tell me when I see you.
A) When was it built?
B) How long is it?
C) Can you really see it from space? (I know the answer to this one!)

They say, it was built to protect China from attack by enemies. Honestly,between you and me, why anyone would climb up this high and then want to attack anyone, is beyond me. Also, they say the emperor insisted that it was at least "ten horses wide." I am not at all convinced it is that wide in spaces. I guess they sort if fudged it, thinking "Who would really know?" (Don't try this with your teachers- they ALWAYS know.)

SO-- here you go!

Ms G

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