Friday, November 7, 2008

We're here!

Dear Browning LS Boys- especially 4th grade;
Do you remember when I showed you how we would take the plane to China- traveling across the US, and then over the Pacific Ocean and into China? Well. Quick Quiz: is there a way a plane can fly from NYC to Beijing if it only flies North and South? YUP! If you fly over the North Pole!!! ( I looked for Santa, and could not see him, but I did see the Great Wall of China from the air, however, and that was almost as good...)
My friend Nan and I had a great flight. It was very smooth and the 13 hours went pretty quickly. We followed some information from the flight deck, and for most of the flight, while the plane was nice and cozy, it was -90 degrees outside!! No wonder Santa stayed inside!!
We will post pictures later, after Nan gets back from the grocery store!
As soon as we got here, we met another one of the families who will be adopting a five year old girl. They are here with their eleven year old son. We are all being taken very, very good care of by our Guide, veronica. Veronica will help us with everything we need to do while we are in Chian to make sure we come home quickly with our new families. One of the first things she did was to tell me that Susanna is healthy, is doing well, and knows that I will be coming on Monday to meet her. I have sent Susanna some pictures of her new family, plus a few letters I wrote her, plus one or two "care packages" and Veronica tells me she has received everything. We shall just have to wait until Monday to see if she really does understand why I am there!
OK- Pictures later!

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting story!

L, you have the best travel companion,
you couldn't have picked a better one!

We're keeping in touch with this great event.

Good luck with everything you are doing,
and good wishes for you and your new family.

Oh Susanna!

Doug and Gail S.
(Nan's friends)