Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The nannies telling me about her- uh-- in Cantonese!


Lesa said...

I know how this one feels....

At least they weren't telling you that you made the formula way to weak and not HOT enough. Not to mention them shaking a finger at you all the while saying this in Cantonese. ha

Reuben Family said...

Hi Ms. Gruhn,
I am very happy for you. In all the pictures (except the one with the glasses, giving us "the look") you seem peaceful and content. Susanna is lucky because you already love her and you can be quite funny. My whole family watched this blog. My sister said that it will be a drag for Susanna when she gets older, having all of these Browning big brothers looking after her. My mom cries when she looks at these pictures (figures) and is happy you conceded to pink.. My father wants to know who dropped his glasses and was the replacement pair financially comparable to US prices..
Susanna has a huge fan club waiting here for her. Can't wait to meet her!