Saturday, November 8, 2008

A great (but COLD) day in Beijing!

Thanks to Nan, and absolutely no thanks to me, we have some really awesome pictures of our day in Beijing which I will upload later today As is par for the curse, I did not wear nearly warm enough clothing (well, Nan did not either!) We thought sunny and in the fifties would mean a jacket/sweater would be fine. Well that may what the forecast said, but overcast in the 40's was more like it! It reminded me of the time I went to one of the first Yankee games of this past season - with a sweater- and it was in the forties- hopefully Susanna will have better sense than I when it t comes to dressing for the elements! Apparently, two days ago was the "first day of winter"in china (as opposed to December 21 in the states..) Would have been nice if someone had told all of us that!
Pictures to follow-

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modelmuse said...

I was there in February--it was pretty brutal, especially on the Great Wall I bought a fur hat and you know I don't do fur LOL.