Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthays Books, and paperwork

Dear Browning LS Boys
OK, Boys, just a quick word about the importance of following directions. When you want to adopt a child, there is lots and lots and lots of paperwork involved. Sort of like a thousand worksheets or homework pages. It can be a little confusing, and when you go to get your child, you have to make sure it is all correct- NO MISTAKES! Your guide helps you double check everything and will help you with corrections, just like a teacher will when you go over a test.
Well guess what?? Out of all the families in our group- only TWO families managed to have NO MISTAKES on their paperwork- and everything was in order for the US Consulate. One other family-and YOUR LOWER SCHOOL HEAD! See?! Your teachers are right w en they make you check and double check your work over and over again! (By was I impressed with myself!!)

Tomorrow we go to the US Consulate to pick up the children's visas and passports and take the oath of citizenship (for them) You see Susie is absolutely my daughter in the eyes of the Chinese government (as of last week) but until we get through our visit at the Consulate, she is not a citizen or my daughter (YET) in the eyes of the US government, That is what happens tomorrow. This should be pretty cool. Her citizenship actually becomes official when we land in NYC.

Now, that birthday party I told you about? Kind of a bust for Susie. I forgot she is still terribly unsure of anything new, big, loud, etc. And well- that is sort of what a birthday party is. And if you think about it- she has never been to a birthday party in her whole life! So this first one was kind of overwhelming. She refused to get out of her stroller, did not want to put on a crown, was afraid of the balloons-- but boy oh boy did she manage to overcome her fears a when it came to birthday cake! She wolfed that thing down! She will find each birthday party she attends easier and easier. Good thing because her mother LOVES birthdays!!!

Actually, Susanna has been out of sorts all day. She has been pulling her stroller lid down so I will not look at her, she has been refusing to do things she usually agrees to easily, and she has just been plain cranky. But guess what? I am VERY HAPPY about this! This means she is beginning to become more comfortable and relaxed and show me what she likes and does not like. For a three year old, she has been acting like a six month old for about a week- today she was acting like a two year old- so she is almost acting her age! And guess what? She has started to say some words in English today! I was showing her pictures and pointing to things and saying their words, and she is now trying to repeat the words and point to the, Now, she has created some of her own words, but that is just fine. She can (sort of ) say crib, "Boom boom" (for drum) and meow (for cat) She can say "cup" and "cheese". She also points to the pictures and says their names in Chinese. Between you and me, she is doing a much better job of picking up the English words, than I am at picking up the Cantonese words! For those adults who know the play, The Miracle Worker: "Mrs Keller! SHE KNOWS!"

Right now, Susie is sitting in her crib, not wanting to got to sleep, because she is busy looking at her "word book." It is OK by if she wants to read in bed!

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