Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quick Heads Up-

I know I promised videos, but Nan and I have been practicing for almost 2 hours, and we cannot get the Flip Video to upload to the blog. And I am not sure I want to send it to YouTube or any other address. If we can make it work, great, if not- stay tuned for pictures!


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zusje said...

Hi Laurie,

Seeing the (very cute) cloth's on the bed I hope for you they fit;-) Yasmin is three but wears cloths that the dutch kids wear when they are 1,5 yrs old ;-) Petit tiny.
Oh well small detail. Not important.
Today is the are 7 hours ahead of us in China so I think you already have met Susanna or are in the process..we are turning thumbs for you two! Sending some extra strenght and trust to Susanna and a peacefull receiving aura for you through the "airmail".
Looking forward to pictures but If things are hard don't worry about it Laurie. First things first!!! Get to settle Susanna ;-))) Yeah!!!