Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Final Day in China

Well, the actual oath taking was pretty anticlimactic. Lots of children playing, babies crying, and a man in front droning on and on. Lots of moving from this line to that line to get her visa and passport. But on the way the way back, we drove around the city, watched the sun slowly set, and Susie seemed to be quietly waving "bye bye" to her first home. She had her hand up at the window,and was looking at absolutely everything. It made me more than a little wistful.

This morning, we went to a Chinese market, and saw snakes, scorpions, cats, dogs (I did NOT do well with the latter two...) chickens. you name it. Susie was fascinated by it. Mom wanted O-U-T! (She cannot take seeing cats and dogs on cages!) For the boys- I will eventually upload the pictures of scorpions and snakes for you-!

Wish us well on our long journey home. This entry is short, as I need to pack, but I will update you on our first weekend home. And that will be that for this journey! And this blog.

(PS: I have started packing and it has made Susie VERY upset and scared, She does not understand we are going somewhere TOGETEHR! Tomorrow  may be  a LONG day!)


zusje said...

Good and safe traveling Laurie, Susie and Nan!!

Ernst Jinke Yasmin Marlies Venema

Lesa said...

Safe travels home. She will be one very happy girl to see that she too is flying on an airplane and going to her new home.

Good Luck, and keep us posted on how she is growing.