Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An interesting start--

Today, was the official adoption, after a a 24 hour period of "Harmonious Adjustment.' All went well the 24 hours. Susanna was definitely very, very sad, but easily comforted. She slept all night long and did well this morning. She ate VERY well! She got a little weepy when I got her dressed, and absolutely everything was swimming on her. I got clothes for a two year old, and- well- forget it. Maybe 18-24 month old will do it, We are going shopping later. Yes- she is 3.5. we think!(Remember the fact that her clothes are too big- it figures later in this story)

Anyway, her eyes filled with silent tears, and she looked like she was saying "Can't SOMEONE put me in clothes that fit?? Who IS this dame??"
I was amused, but puzzled, because I felt she should at least wear clothes that fit on the day we become a family- but what are you gonna do? I put her in a tee short and skirt- and off we went. Back to the Civil Affairs Office

We had our official family picture taken, and then an interview. It seemed like an auspicious moment. So- I was bit puzzled when this woman walked in- and burped. LOUDLY. I decided this was some sort of test, so I did not react. And it happened again. She explained she was not feeling well. I offered a TUMS, which was turned down. The interview went like this:

I did not smile.

When she finished, she congratulated me, informed me this was official, that Susanna is now legally mine, and I thanked her, promised to take very good care of my daughter, stood up, picked up Susanna--- and Susann's skirt fell off.

Folks- you CANNOT make this stuff up!

Pictures and video to follow tonight. (I do not have wireless in my room- so I am on a limited schedule when I can use Nan's computer--!)


zusje said...

Haha very funny! I can just picture you sitting in that office with the burping lady. Different culture huh! Burping after dinner is polite...
Yeah I saw the close on the bed-picture and thought you were going to run into some kind if "the too big skirt" incident. Again pretty funny....How did Susie react?

Keep those story's coming...
We feel very close to our first day's with Yasmin. Kowing you are in the same place and all.
Going throught the same stuff.
Poor Susie having to go through all this fear...I asked the guide every time we went somewhere to tell Yasmin in cantonees that she is staying with me and we will back together again to the hotel. In her mind she is leaving again to somewhere un-known. That translating helped a little bit. Because "getting the cloth's on" means you are going somewhere again maybe..

Good luck

Lesa said...

Love the story! I can just imagine your thought when the skirt slipped off. ha

Love seeing the photos and reading the stories...

Anonymous said...

Loved the story and the pictures. I'm sure you didn't get much sleep the first night, watching your little girl as she slept. Just think, now she has LOTS of clothes to grow into. Have fun. Annie

Toula said...

I get teary when I see pictures of you with Susanna. It's very exciting to hear about you with your daughter. I hope you can find some safety pins to help her clothes stay on. Everything must be a little frightening for her. How do you feel now that it's official (burb).