Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home in America at Last!


Mike Levy said...

Welcome home Mother & Daughter! We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful life together. We wish you abundant love, good health and much happiness.

Many thanks for the blog which we eagerly followed.

CLG said...

Congratulations and a big hug and kiss for my niece Susie and her wonderful mother, my sister Laurie!

Welcome home!

xoxo cathy

Anonymous said...

Welcome home to both of you. I will truly miss my morning visit to your wonderful blog. Much happiness in this new life for you. Nan will keep me updated, I'm sure. Annie

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! So many more wonderful things to share together. Your journey has just begun, and this Thanksgiving will be one of the most meaningful ever!

Nancy L said...

What a great photo! Mazel Tov and Yahoo to both of you.

zusje said...

Heeeee Laurie and Susie great to see you had a safe trip! Welcome home to you two!
Yet another change for Susie. But this change will last ;-)
Good luck on the recovering of the travel, jetlag and adjusting.


Julie said...

Welcome home! Just in time for Susanna to have her first Thanksgiving in America with her new family! Congrats, and look forward to meeting her soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including all of us in your fabulous adventure. It was a lot of fun being in the viewing gallery; a big thank you to both you and Nan for making the extra effort to include us all!
Much happiness to you all!

Anonymous said...

Many Many Many Congrats to the mother and daughter! Thanks for taking the time to write on the blog and letting us be part of your journey. Look forward to meeting Susanna soon. Toral

Lesa said...

I sure hope you keep up with your blog. It is fun watching them grow!
Glad you two had a safe trip home.

Can't wait for updates!!!