Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess Who Came to Dinner!

Susanna has been her for a little under six hours- we have a great videa and many, mnayoics, this is just a quick tease!
All went really, really well! Her nannies all cried when they needed to leave her- and they were the only nannies who did. The clearly loved her very, very much! She is definitely terribly sad and scared, and every now and then realizes something is terribly different and starts to cry very sadly and silently- and then she screams! But she quickly calms down. She is also eating up a storm, enjoying being read to, watching Chinese cartoons, and hugging her stuffed caterpillar- which came with her.
I will send more pics and the video within 24 hours.
Lots of love from Laurie and Susie


zusje said...

Laurie and Susie,

The sound of those two names in one sentence "Laurie and Susie" Yes. Forever connected together ;-)Congrats for the both of you.
Such a lifechanging moment today.
Susie looks currious into the world. Laurie you look proud and inviting ;-)
Glad to hear the nanny's loved her!
Enjoy your first days together.


judygruhn said...

A great big welcome to the adorable new addition to our family!

You both look very happy- and curious!


Grace said...

All the best to Mom and Susie!!! She looks great as do you. Enjoy these special moments.

Love to both of you and Nan, too.


Amanda said...

You both are glowing! I am sooooo excited for you both and can't wait to meet the newest addition to the Gruhmeister clan! Way to go gals!


3peas1pod said...

Congratulations! So happy for you to finally be united with your daughter! She is beautiful.

2H said...

Dear Ms. Gruhn,
We have loved seeing all of your pictures. We think Susie looks very cute! We miss you here at Browning but we are very excited for you. Love, Ms Henry and class 2H

Happy at Home said...

Yahoo!!!! Another Gao girl finds her forever family. Congratualations. Laurie, you are so blessed. Tons of hugs to you both.

dh- Ed
dd - Eve
dd - Eliana Mei Jing (Gaozhou, Guangdong, a 4/10/08)

Nancy Gallin said...

SUSIE!!!!! As you can imagine, I'm especially thrilled by the name you've chosen! I hope she has as wonderful a life as my own Susie and that you have as much joy from her as I do from mine - and all my other children, too, of course. She's very, very beautiful and the expression on your face, in both pix, is very beautiful and YES very maternal and loving, too. I can't wait to see you both! What an extraordinary day!

Lesa said...

Laurie and Susie!! So happy to see another Gao Girl coming home!
Happy Gotcha Day!!

DH Mike
DD Lacy, 24, Holly,21,
DD Wendy age 5
Gaozhou SWI Gotcha Day Nov,29 2004

Julie said...

Congratulations!!!! Susie is SO adorable and you both look so happy together! Can't wait to see more pictures of your first moments together! :-)

BethAnneNYC said...

Congratulations! Susie is adorable! You both look very, very happy! Whitney and I can't wait to meet Susie :0). Keep posting those great pictures.

Beth Anne

Debbie said...

awww, how sweet!!!

Found your blog a few weeks ago and have been checking back constantly.

Congratulations on finally having your little girl!

Maureen said...

Oh,how wonderful!! The beginning of something very beautiful, Love to you both, Maureen

Toula said...

Laurie and Susanna,
Congratulations. It's so good to see you finally with your daughter. We can't wait to meet her in person. We're very excited and happy for you both.
Toula, Bill and crew

Adair said...

Laurie she is just beautiful and I LOVE the pictures-keep them coming. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood-enjoy every minute.
Much love to you both-

CLG said...

A big kiss to my niece Susie! I'm so proud of you Laurie, congratulations!



Anonymous said...

Dear Susie,

Congratulations on adopting such a spectacular mom! My best to you and your mother and to Nan as well! Safe trip!

Susan said...

Everyday your blog gets more exciting. I couldn't wait to log in today--Susie is adorable!! I love that you are both wearing lucky red...for you are both lucky to have found each other.
A big welcome. You have a wonderful and smart mommy. You are coming to live in a big and exciting city. Already so many people can't wait to give you a hug, read you a book, and circle you and your Mom in a big, warm hug. I am already thinking of what books will be fun to share with you.
Nan--Thanks for all the great pictures. It really helps us feel connected.
Susan Levine

Jeanne said...

You've just met your best friend in life! How wonderful! Lots of love you both.


Chip said...

Congratulations Laurie! I'm so happy fo you.

Nancy L said...

Hi from Nancy (Aunt Cathy's neighbor) This is so exciting! Thank goodness for blogs. What a wonderful way to follow the joy of this event. I had to go back to see Susanna's first smile so many times that I thought I should just log on. Hooray for both of you!