Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day of UTTER indignities! (SSG reporting..)

1) Mom thought it would be fun to see if I like to play in the pool. She put me in a bathing suit, brought me to the pool, and slowly introduced me to the water. It was TRES COLD! She was chatting with another mom, and smiled when she heard me shriek with delight. It took her awhile to notice it was actually shrieks of terror! It will be a while before I try that wading pool thing again.

2) Mom had me in Nan’s room so she could check her email. I had to use toilet. Mom was chatting with Aunt Nan and hadn’t truly focused on the fact that she had not brought the seat that I like to use. It took mom a sect to realize that I was using my arms to hold myself up so I would not fall in, and that my eyes were filled with tears. Score two for mom!

3) Today we all had to go to the medical clinic to get a clean o bill of health before traveling to the USA. Something about communicable diseases and the US government not liking them- I dunno; well- it DID NOT GO WELL. First they needed to weigh me. I had to stand on scale. ALONE. Without Mom. She trued to comfort me, but I was scared. VERY scared. Next, Some lady called an ENT needed to test my hearing- I did NOT LIKE THAT one bit. But the next thing was worse. She needed to look inside my mouth. I held my mouth tight as hard as I could, but she forced it open with some wooden stick, and I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! I HATED THIS! I could not stop crying, and then- as Mom was trying to assure me it was all right I heard her whisper to Nan- “ This is about to get much worse.. the next room is where they are going to take her clothes off and give her an exam. I knew this HAD TO BE BAD, so I started screaming louder right then and there just to get ready. Mom was getting lots of looks of pity from the other adoptive families, which did not really thrill her. That last room was pretty bad. I also heard Mom whisper to Aunt Nan- “ I don’t like the looks of this doctor- she looks mean.” What Mom keeps forgetting is that while I do not speak English, I am perfectly capable of knowing what she says and how she feels, so I took her cue and just started crying louder and longer. Mom got me out of there as fast as she could, but I pretty much ACTIVELY ignored her for the rest of the afternoon. At dinner, I refused to let her feed me, (S he kept dropping food on me anyway, she was so rattled by that stupid clinic…what rookie!) I kept giving her "the look", and at one point when she tried to kiss me, I sat up straight, glared at her, and absolutely turned my back on her. You know what really stinks? When I did this, I swear I heard her and Nan laugh. This was a bad, bad, bad day. At bedtime, I let her read to me and give me a bath, but I kept up the glares for good measure, before bed, she started tickling me, which made me laugh A LOT- which now has me angrier EVEN MORE! HARUMPH!

Tomorrow is BIG right of passage for adoptive families. It is The RED COUCH DAY. The whole group gathers us kids on a big red couch for a picture. Everyone who comes here does it. Many families put their kids in traditional dress. Mom decided not to do red (she remembered I came in a traditional red outfit and recalled how I felt about seeing the sneaker a few day go, so she thought it would upset me) but also will not do pink, cuz she says it is something called a cliché, so she got me a gorgeous green silk Chinese dress. I Look stunning in it—but I am not sure if I will cooperate or not—I may still hold a bit of a grudge on principle; we shall see how I feel.


judygruhn said...

Susie takes after her mother!


zusje said...

Susie, Your friend Yasmin of 9 months ago...
I do feel for you girl. Those docters are horrible. Especially everbody with a white coat is not to be trusted! I still don't!
Your mom sounds all right to me! She did try and she does not have a choice she had to take you there you know.. Good for you of letting her know you don't agee! You go girl! She will remember next time you 'll go to one of those white coats ;-)

Ok bye and untill one day in the future. Good luck on the red couch in green ;-)
I saw that pink teddy-bear of you. Cool dude! Want one too..

L. Warner said...


Miss Bean, Ms. Green (of course, that's what 'Gruhn' means) and - Ms. Serene - perfect combo!

LOVE all the photos and accounts.

Thanks for sharing all the thrills and chills from the other side of the world - Go, Susanna!

Laurie, congrats and welcome to the world of Mommyhood!

Lucy W.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susie,
Don't you worry! You will whip your Mom into shape before you know it. She is a fast learner, just you wait and see!

Nancy L said...

I'm very new to this and I thought I'd posted earlier today.For some reason, I can't locate it! I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful blog and the gorgeous pictures of your daughter. Hooray for both of you on your new adventure. Best, Nancy (Aunt Cathy's neighbor.)