Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to my journey!

Hello Everybody,
As I get ready for what will certainly be the trip of a lifetime, I invite you to join me. This blog will be a short one, lasting really just as long as my journey, to China and back. Its purpose will be to allow those who wish to, to travel to China with me. And most importantly, to meet Susanna and travel back with us!

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Nancy Gallin said...

Hi, Susanna!
As your "upstairs Nana," I can't wait to welcome you! I've watched your mommy eagerly thinking about you, planning for you, loving you at a great distance, studying photos of you, and eagerly counting the days until she can hold you in her arms, watch you grow up, and love you up close, forever! What a perfect title for this blog - because it's all To Susanna! See you soon, Love, Nancy